David Cornell // Founder
The vision for dib sports began on a bike ride many years ago. After graduating from University, I purchased a one-way ticket to China. The plan was to partner with Asian-based factories for manufacturing extreme sporting goods. With limited success, I quickly found myself back in Southern California living in my parents basement. It was during this time that I pursued the manufacturing of dib bottle, in the United States. My first attempt didn't go too well. I ran into many problems and my expenses got out of control. The project was put on hold. I was fortunate to get a job with an old friend in the cycling industry and worked at a couple bike brands over the next several years. Recently, I reached back out to the factory about my new ideas for dib bottle. With some significant changes to the design and new funds available, I got back to work, again. I am proud to say dib bottle is everything I imagined it to be during that bike ride many years ago and I hope you enjoy dib bottle for many rides to come.

Ride Hard,

David Cornell