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Located in the heart of Southern California, we are a rider owned and rider operated brand on a mission to make your ride better. 

As cyclists, we strive for perfection. Details matter. We notice the small things. We sweat the small things. Why? Because we care. In this pursuit for perfection, we often overlook things. We sacrifice comfort for speed, weight for aerodynamics, but in the end, what really matters? Being authentic. Being true to ourselves. dib was born to do it better.

In an industry clouded with marketing BS left and right, how can we do it better? The answer is quite simple really, focus on the details and be authentic. 

As a rider owned and rider operated brand, we develop the gear we ride. We use the products we sell. We care.

Having used dozens of brands products over the past decade, we know what we like and we know what we don't like. With this personal insight collected over tens of thousands of miles riding all over Southern California, we are on a mission to cut the BS and make things our way. We welcome you to join us on our mission as we strive to do it better.


 - David Cornell  //  Founder