Race Fit vs. Club Fit – What’s the difference?


There are many things to consider when purchasing cycling kit. The options are endless, and many brands put their own spin on what they think is best. The reality is people come in all shapes and sizes. With that being said, the two most common types of fit (or cut) for road cyclists are Race Fit and Club Fit.


Race Fit:

  • Constructed for an on-bike & aero position
  • Form fitting & slight compression
  • Longer arm & leg lengths
  • Best suited for speed


Club Fit

  • Constructed for a more relaxed & upright position
  • Looser fitting & not too much compression
  • Shorter arm & leg lengths
  • Best suited for leisure


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Additional comments


Generally speaking, Race Fit Bib Shorts will feature a thinner chamois / pad that is better suited to the rider being in a more aggressive position. A pair of Club Fit Bib Shorts typically have a thicker / more padded chamois for those sitting in more of an upright position.


We can’t stress how important it is to find kit that fits you and your riding style best. Ask yourself what type of riding you do most and select a fit and style that best meets your needs.


If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to send us a message. We would love to hear from you.