Do you offer Custom Kit?

Do you offer free shipping?

  • Yes. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on orders over $99+


    • It's simple; if you don't love it, we'll take it back! Please note the standard return policy applies. Buyer assumes all costs for sending goods back and if the purchase qualified for free shipping, these costs may be deducted from the total return. 

    What is your 'CRASH REPLACEMENT' Program?

    • We offer 50% off MSRP with proof of purchase for all individuals who have damaged kit. If the item is discontinued or not in stock, the discount may be applied to an item of equal or lesser value.

    Where are your products manufactured?

    • We partner with multiple factories in several countries to produce the best products possible. At this time, we currently work with factories in the United States, Italy, and China.

    Do you have an Industry Purchase Program?

    • Yes we do. Please visit here.




    dib bottle

    What hydration capacities are dib bottle available available in?

    • dib hydration bottles are available in two sizes: 320ml / 10.8fl. oz and 480ml / 16.2fl. oz.

    What is the storage capacity?

    • dib storage bottle has 340ml of dry volume.
    • *We recommend Continental Race Light Tubes for the storage bottle.

    Does dib bottle fit in bike cages?

    • Yes, dib bottle has been designed to work with the majority of bike cages. A 'notch' located on the storage bottle is designed to wrap around the inner lip of bike cages for security. 

    What parts and pieces form dib bottle?

    • For a detailed chart, please click here

    Are parts of dib bottle interchangeable?

    • Yes, dib bottle features a patented modular design. Hydration and storage bottles can be mixed and matched as you please. IE: Black & White. Double hydration. Double storage.

    Where are dib bottles made?

    • All dib bottles are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.

    Are dib bottles BPA Free?

    • Yes, all dib bottles are BPA free.

    Are dib bottles recyclable?

    • Yes, all dib bottles can be recycled in the recycle bin.

    Can I put liquid in the storage bottle?

    • The storage bottle is not designed to be liquid tight. It is not recommended to put liquid in the storage bottle. 

      Is dib bottle available at any shops or through distributors?

      • We sell direct-to-consumer in the United States

      Questions about our warranty & refund policy?

      • Please click here.

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