Research & Development

We believe transparency is essential to developing trust and confidence in our brand. Our research and design process always start with one simple question; why is this product being developed? Through this simple question, we conceptualize, design, prototype, refine, and manufacture each product to (hopefully) exceed your expectations. Our mission at dib is simple; do it better.

2018 – dib bottle

            What started out as an idea roughly ten years prior, dib bottle is finally being manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to the launch of dib bottle, there were countless trips to multiple factories and many (expensive) mistakes made along the way. We are proud to have sold thousands (and counting) thus far all over the world with zero paid media.

2020 – PROTO Collection


          Our first function-driven roadwear collection developed by riders, for riders. Utilizing Italian Fabrics from MITI SPA in Italy, we partnered with one of the best factories in China to assemble our new collection. The PROTO Collection is for ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

2022 – REVO Collection

            Our second function-driven roadwear collection, REVO adheres to the needs for hot temperatures and long days in the saddle. Utilizing premium chamois from Elastic Interface and fabrics from the same award-winning factory in Italy, MITI SPA, the REVO Collection is for HOT DAYS and LONG DAYS.

2024 – EVO Collection

            We have just scratched the surface and are currently in the development phase. Prototypes for what will be our EVO Collection are being tested. Intended for FAST DAYS, the EVO Collection will utilize wind-tunnel tested aerodynamic fabrics and wind-cheating designs to make sure you slip through the peloton as fast as possible. Stay Tuned!